Un-Knowing Participants in the Story of Depleted Uranium

From Chapter Twenty-three,
“A Real 9/11 Commission Will Help Free America Now!”

DU is a lethal, unconscionable weapon and the extent to which it has and will continue to cause illnesses and the loss of life.

While most of us may not have the background to understand what the implications of 360 tons vs. 10 tons of DU is, given the numbers and seriousness of the illnesses shown below during the Gulf War, we can grasp the clear message that 2200-4000 tons of DU as used in Iraq is a catastrophe.

“They put 425,000 Americans in Desert Storm and over 300,000 of them are having medical disability issues.”
(See below: ‘They have exposed close to a million of our troops.’)


Reference: see Note 1 below.

Gulf War I - 360 tons
Yugoslavia - 10 tons
Afghanistan - 0 (Professor Marc Herold estimates 1000 tons)
Gulf War II - 2200-4000 tons

An Interview with Karl Schwarz
by W. Leon Smith, Editor-in-Chief
February 28, 2006
They have exposed close to a million of our troops.
They put 425,000 Americans in Desert Storm and over 300,000 of them are having medical disability issues.
The Canadians told me, “Oh, for the record, the reason we didn’t go to Iraq is we are already seeing some huge health issues on the Canadian troops that participated in Desert Storm, Bosnia, and Afghanistan. We’re not going to be exposing our folks to this stuff anymore. We’re against it.” Now, they’re coming to grips in their own country with some very real and very tragic health stories, and our government is sitting on it.
Source: http://lonestaricon.com/2006/Archives/09/news16.htm
The implications of these numbers is numbing: the huge potential of so many Iraq war vets ill and dying and their wives vulnerable to becoming infected and to give birth to deformed offspring.

For the people of Iraq, living in areas of high DU concentrations, the effects are beyond tragic. Iraq babies are born so deformed that many are hardly recognizable as human babies.
(See http://www.news-u-need-r-us.com/children.htm)

HAVE DU WILL TRAVEL is the heading for a series of excellent articles about DU available at:

An Interview with Dr. Ernest Sternglass
By W. Leon Smith, Editor-in-Chief
Lone Star Iconoclast, February 28, 2006
The issue of greatest concern is that Americans at home as well as the people in the UK and in many parts of the world are unwilling participants in this tragedy.
“... Measurements by the Weapons Establishment in England show that these fine particles travel thousands of miles around the world and, Leuren Moret has pictures that NASA satellites took showing the sand storms going across the Atlantic and all over the world so we have totally underestimated the very serious nature of the use of uranium as weapons.”
Reference: see Note 1 below.
Source: http://lonestaricon.com/2006/Archives/09/news07.htm

African Dust Storms Bring Depleted Uranium to the Southern U.S.
by Richard Stenger
CNN, June 18, 2001

Saharan dust storm in 2000, traveling east across
the Atlantic out of North Africa. Photo source NASA

Dust storm plumes from northern Africa travel thousands of miles across the Atlantic transporting millions of tons of sand and dust with bacteria, viruses, pollen, pollution, and radioactive isotopes such as depleted uranium from the Middle East and Central Asia.1 The easterly trade winds carry the dust across the Atlantic in 5-7 days at about 10,000 feet.2 Almost all of it is rained out into the environment within two months, including the depleted uranium and other radioactive isotopes from the Sahara. In fact these atmospheric dusts are what make sunsets red. The seasonal African storms peak in July, contributing to a reddish haze across the U.S. Southeast. From June to October the Caribbean and Central America are targeted by the storms, but the Amazon Basin gets hit from February to April.
1 Did the use of Uranium weapons in Gulf War 2 result in contamination of Europe? Evidence from the measurements of the Atomic Weapons Establishment, Aldermaston, Berkshire, UK.
2 http://archives.cnn.com/2001/TECH/science/06/18/dust.microbes/index.html

The harsh and unfortunate reality we must consider is that given the global movement of dust storms like these, no one, ultimately anywhere in the world, is safe.

Do these issues deserve and demand our considered attention?

Note 1:
“From Hiroshima to Iraq – 61 Years of Uranium Wars:
A Suicidal, Genocidal, and Omnicidal Course” by Leuren Moret
Published by Hiroshima Peace Institute (in print)

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