Twitter450: We deserve a Message size for humans: 450 characters or more!

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Wouldn't Twitter be great for Activists and many times better for Business Users?

IF it had message sizes of 450 or more characters per Tweet, instead of the lame 140!

It's time for a message size that makes sense for human beings. 450 or more characters, please.

A Twitter for Twitter - Social Media: Growing Pains?
By Paul J. Landis September 11 2013

A few short years ago, Social Media sites as Facebook and Twitter were unknown.

Today, Twitter is known worldwide and needs no introductions.

With its concept of up to 140 character messages and no fee usage, Twitter right now may be one of the biggest of its kind.

Regardless of its beginnings, Twitter, in their history of how Twitter was born, informs us that we need to learn how to have our communications fit into 140 characters, what they call the "140 character world".
"How Twitter Was Born Jan 30th, 2009 Dom Sagolla"

And here is our conundrum. While Twitter may serve many individuals with its straight forward 140 character messaging units, its sheer size in number of users and acceptance as a fixture in the social media landscape, has created impulses of business and political conversations to be Twitter friendly.

However, are there concerns that while being a social media fixture, as a dam bursts when the reservoir it creates over fills, has this fixture, Twitter's usage overflowed its concept?

We see almost unreadable attempts, strange abbreviations and clearly un-natural endings as business and activists effort to fit into messages of 140 characters, when, from a technology viewpoint, could just a well be message sizes of 450, 750 or 1,000 characters.

Many remember PC/DOS with its 8 character file name limitations and the added mental effort to establish files and keep track of them. PC/DOS was clearly a monumental step forward as part of making PC technology available, cost effective and in use worldwide today.

Many remember the Ah-Ha, when the PC operating system provided the extensive and needed file name enhancements available with Microsoft Window/95, another significant step forward as part of making PC technology functional for home and business use.

Is Twitter today, where the PC/DOS file name size was, not so many years ago?
Are significant numbers of Twitter business and activist uses finding that beating their heads against a 140 character brick wall has been and is getting more and more tiresome?

Perhaps Twitter, this current social media dynamo, with almost as many uses as Carter has 'Little Liver Pills', is finding and will continue to find, that a lack of reaction from Twitter to prove more realistic message sizes will be rewarded by uses looking for, and they will get, a more reasonable and technology capable, message size alternative.








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