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March 24, 2009 Edition
One page Introduction


 An On-Going Illegal Iraq War Isn’t Bad Enough?

U.S. Soldiers and Innocent Iraqi Civilians
Being subjected to Genocide!


Depleted Uranium (DU): They Keep On Lying!!!


Bush’s Missing WMD Found And IS Being Used By The U.S. Military In IRAQ:
The Radioactive, Deadly, Depleted Uranium (DU)!
Over One Million U.S. Soldiers Exposed!


C:\Paul2009\Actions\DU lies\depleted-white.jpg

This Is Being Done In OUR Name !!

Iraq Casualties Update: U.S. Troops’ Brain Injuries Could Reach 360,000!

Help Have this information about Depleted Uranium
And its tragic effects on over One Million of our Soldiers
As much a part of the public discussion as Health care.

Help Get This Genocide and the Illegal Iraq War Ended !!

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“Depleted Uranium: They Keep On Lying!”
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