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You are hereby invited to participate in
“A Real 9/11 Commission” and Investigation.

You are offered the opportunity to vote on the summary
charges and specification as show below.

Please consider these charges and specifications as admitted evidence;
See the documentary “911 in Plane Site”, “A Real 9/11 Commission”
and review with friends the availability of their own home footage
from 9/11/2001.

A Real 9/11 Commission:  “The People of the United States…” VS Bush



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     9/11  Render Your Decision Form





Not Sure


 Is there evidence of a 757 at the Pentagon?     










Did “Demolition charges” and “explosive devices” cause the collapse of the NYC World Trade Towers?            










Is there any evidence that an airplane crashed In Pennsylvania as we were told?










 9/11  Render Your Decision Form continued





Not Sure









Have you seen ANY of the EVIDENCE, any of the pictures on this or other web sites, in the book, in "911 in Plane Site", from your home videos; in any mainstream media?












Would you demand an investigation of media negligence because these pictures were denied to the American people?  












Given the evidence provided with this “Real 9/11 Commission” and investigation and given the results of  the May 2006 Zogby Poll – 42% of the adult respondents said
that the government  and the 9/11 commission ignored evidence that would  have contradicted the ‘official’ story:
Is Congress negligent for ignoring this information?                             





This Ballot and Subscriber sign-up can be done on-line at

EVIDENCE also available:
“A Real 9/11 Commission Will Help Free America Now!”, ISBN: 097604-0824


Please Fax completed form and completed ‘Render your Decision”  to:  914-206-4318           


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