Explosion vs Collapse

Over 70,000 courageous NYC Ground Zero First Responders are now identified as suffering from Ground Zero air quality related illnesses.

It has been reported that over 2,600 contaminates were found in the air.

Could the “Collapse” of the buildings have pulverized computers, lights, servers, etc. and created so many air borne particles?

Or, were the NYC Twin Towers “Demolished” by massive explosives?

CNN Tower collapse

Some quotes made live by TV News people:

“We’ve just heard reports of a 4th explosion (after the impact of the two planes)

CNN: “it almost looks like one of those implosions of buildings that you see…”

(Referring to the Picture above)
Rick Sanchez, MSNBC, “Explosion – suspicious device”

Many TV reports (live Sept. 11) said they (the Towers) appeared to
come down just like a controlled demolition.


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