Our media, and 9/11 and Iraq

The media coverage of both these events has been rife with negligence, manipulation and failure.

The media fog does not obscure the fact that these two events, 9/11 and the Iraq war are irrevocably connected for Americans - Attention to both is imperative.

"Congress can no longer ignore corporate control of the media". (See areal911commission.com for full article).

The title above of an article by Rep Sanders (I-VT) is an understatement.

Congress should not tolerate or have tolerated the manipulation of and by our media and the truth of 9/11. This manipulation included the intentional control of 9/11 evidence, TV footage and bystander statements, that contradict the official "fairy" tale."

Will our pathetic media soon be called to task for their incredible failures to question the fairy tale the Bush administration created about Sept. 11?

How unfortunate that no members of our media chose to view the Pentagon site in the afternoon of or in the days immediately after 9/11/2001. But they did, indeed fail to check out the evidence.

There is live TV footage available from the morning of Sept. 11 showing that no 757 could possibly have hit the Pentagon.

Congress should not tolerate or have tolerated the manipulation of our media and the truth of Iraq WMD and the overall justification for this conflict

The NY Times and the Washington Post printed thin "apologies" for their lack of follow-up with WMD lies. Tragically, they have failed and-or refused to make the moral leap to call for that "terrorist" attack on Iraq to end.

What happened to our media? Who are the manipulators, the "corporate" control?

With the demise of the "Fairness Doctrine" and the willingness of Congress to look past compromising media consolidations, we are and have been living in a media world under control of non-benevolent corporations. See Fairness Doctrine and Media Timeline, Appendix page xxx.

These corporations for the most part, are aligned with Bush and his "Republican Terrorists". This world is lacking "journalism" or "investigative reporting". This world is committed to telling the stories that the usurpers of power, civil rights and the constitution are spinning at that moment.
This media world is anti-truth, anti-civil rights and anti-respect for our democracy.

Based upon the Bush version of Sept. 11, we are still being subjected to anti-citizens' civil rights and we are still involved in military actions in Afghanistan. Have we forgotten?

A media fairy tale for Americans:

A big bad wolf named Osama bin Laden managed to outsmart the $50 billion United States National defense system and crashed four planes in the most protected air space in the world.

The Bush administration has yet to explain how bin Laden did this. They have also failed to assure us that he could not and will not do it again.


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