IRAQ, 9/11 and the Draft

America, the home of democracy, is feeling a "drafty" situation, one expected to get worse.

Is this "drafty" situation due to reasons of legitimate protection of our country, or is this "drafty" situation based upon poor maintenance of the home of democracy?

If we treat 9/11 as though it did not happen - as Kerry and Edwards did - then we have no basis to "complain" about a drafty situation. Was not the unwillingness of Bush to demand a 9/11 investigation worthy of public debate? Was not his unwillingness to testify under oath also?

If we ignore the WMD lies, as Kerry and Edwards chose to do in their pathetic Election 2004 campaign, we have no basis to "complain" about a drafty situation.

We have a choice, however. We can do what the campaign of Election 2004 failed to do: demand a referendum and real debate about the circumstances by which we find our country at "war."

We can also demand a Real Investigation, based upon current articles and news information, of the events of 9/11 and why so many un-answered 9/11 questions remain.
Where is the 757? for example?


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