Iraq and 9/11

The evidence in "A Real 9/11 Commission" indicates that the facts given to us by the Bush administration are "highly suspect". A review of those facts indicates they are probably lies.

So also were the WMD claims and other justifications the Bush administration used to deceive the American people and Congress to declare a war in Iraq.

Efforts to raise the 9/11 un-answered-questions issue to significant public recognition have been mostly unsuccessful.

The basis of the Iraq conflict and the WMD lies, even with thin apologies from the NY Times and the Washington Post, have failed to raise public concern to embrace the tragedy of this situation.

It is vital that we recognize that 9/11 and its un-answered questions, and the Iraq war based upon WMD lies, are related. We fail ourselves if we ignore this connection.

Bush refused to demand an investigation of 9/11 and refused to testify under oath.

He also lied about WMD and the justifications for a war in Iraq.

Isn't this enough to connect these two events and demand the truth?

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